Jun 19, 2020

5 Father’s Day Campaigns To Inspire You

“Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad, and that's why I call you dad, because you are so special to me.” Wade Boggs, RedSox player

Without a doubt, when it comes to expanding your commercial reach, attracting fresh prospects and encouraging conversions, Father’s Day - celebrated in many parts of the world this weekend - is one of the most prosperous annual events for brands and businesses across sectors.

It’s poignant, it’s popular, it’s emotive and it leaves an enormous amount of scope for creativity. Yes, a good Father’s Day campaign is very rewarding, indeed - if you get it right.

In the US alone, Father's Day-based consumer spending reached the $15.3 billion mark in 2018. To help inspire your Father’s Day marketing efforts and gain your lion’s share of the success for future campaigns, here are five inspiring campaigns that you need to know about.

While it's too late for you to launch your own campaign, you can have a look at our recent webinar on seasonal planning to get ideas on how to start planning ahead for other big yearly events.

1. Best Social Campaign: Michelob (US)

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On the lead up to events like Father’s Day, social media is a highly-engaged playing field for those looking for the perfect gifts or experiences for their father, or father figure.

Based on this understanding, Michelob Ultra launched a light-hearted yet emotive video-based social media campaign to great acclaim.

Focused around a concise, inspirational and endearing video based on the superhero-like perception children have of their fathers, Michelob Ultra captured real moments of dads, mentors and father figures reading tributes from those that cherish them the most.

This campaign received an incredible response, gaining a notable reach via social media with the hashtag, #ULTRADAD across platforms. Micehelob increased engagement while doing something positive for a great cause by donating $1 to Up2Us Sports every time someone paid tribute to their father on social media.

As a result of this wonderfully balanced Father’s Day marketing campaign, Michelob Ultra saw a huge increase in brand awareness with its original video alone receiving over 1.8 million views in addition to a wildly positive response. And the fact that the brewer raised funds for a sports coaching charity makes it all the more poignant.

2. Best Email Campaign: Harvest Box (Australia)

5 Father’s Day Campaigns To Inspire You

Despite new promotional channels and touchpoints emerging from the digital woodwork constantly, email marketing remains an incredibly powerful marketing medium.

In fact, 80% of business leaders believe that email marketing increases customer retention significantly.

While there are a host of inspirational email marketing campaigns, efforts and initiatives out there, this savvy seasonal email from Harvest Box is visually engaging, humorous, lighthearted, and designed for success.

Through fun, value-driven messaging, a visual representation of the product and a clear call to action, this campaign is a real winner. Although formal metrics on the success of this campaign are not available, Harvest Box’s international growth is a testament to the success of marketing initiatives like this.

Bonus: For added inspiration, here is a hand-picked selection of effective Father’s Day email subject lines:

  • What to Give on Father’s Day - Theory
  • Save Dad From His Bulky Wallet - The Ridge Wallet
  • Make Dad’s Day - Father’s Day Gift Essentials 20% Off  - Levenger
  • Create A Gift To Warm Dad’s Heart - Paper Source
  • Gifts for the guy who’s always been there (Dad!) - AHAlife

3. Best Influencer: Lagavulin (US)

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Influencer marketing is a powerful tool for consumer engagement and brand growth. Father’s Day, without a doubt, is a prime time to harness the power of influencer marketing and it’s easy to see why with this inspiring campaign from Lagavulin whisky.

As a brand advocate for Lagavulin and general whisky enthusiast, Parks and Recreation actor Nick Offerman helps to create brilliant influencer-driven content as part of the brand’s various marketing initiatives - and his 2018 Father’s Day effort is no exception.

In this video Nick and his father Ric share an identical day, their mannerisms and actions almost exactly the same, before conversing on the telephone and disagreeing on the way they take their steak, and commenting on how different they are, before retiring in their chairs, simultaneously, a tumbler of Lagavulin Scotch in hand.

The third instalment of his Father's Day campaign videos - Nick requested a little help from his dad to deliver a piece that is funny, emotive and driven by the message, 'the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.'

This exemplary example of brand storytelling received droves of positive responses from consumers and publications alike. A campaign where brevity, creativity and influencer marketing meet.

4. Best for awareness: Danish Cancer Society

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As you may well know, men are notoriously bad at seeking medical help or going to the doctor in general.

To make a positive change, the Danish Cancer society used Father's Day as a platform to raise awareness about the issue while encouraging dads to pay more attention to their health. The concept was to target those who are most likely to communicate clearly to dads – their children.

In addition to its emotionally charged campaign video, the Danish Cancer Society offered children the opportunity to send their dads customized cards, share a little seasonal love while encouraging them to check for early signs of cancer, and potentially, saving their lives.

From its catchy name, Save Your Father’s Day (Red Din Fars Dag),  through to its impactful messaging and unique, value-driven concept, this is a seasonal marketing campaign that made Danish dads really listen to their children (and their bodies), with 44,000 cards delivered across the nation. Considering that 30,000 Danish men die prematurely every year, this campaign, and its effect, was a beautiful thing indeed.

5 Father’s Day Campaigns To Inspire You

5. Best all-rounder: Dove Men + Care

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Choosing a best all-round Father's Day campaign is no easy feat, but this seasonal offering from Dove Men + Care is inspirational.

Not only does it use heartwarming user-generated imagery for visual assets including its video, but the messaging that not all father figures are actually fathers, the brand’s campaign is relevant, modern, emotive, and widely appealing.

Moreover, in addition to boasting all of the key ingredients of a successful multichannel marketing campaign, Dove took the opportunity to launch its dedicated hub for US fathers looking for advice on burning issues such as parental leave.

The campaign’s creativity, its vital brand messaging, and level of depth makes this one of the most powerful Father’s Day campaigns by far - an initiative we as marketers can use for future inspiration.

Oh, and as a direct result of the campaign, Dove's parent company, Unilever, now offers its own new dads in the US a minimum of three weeks’ paid leave - a big step in the right direction.


These five very different but equally impactful Father's Day marketing campaigns are creative, balanced and have generated exceptional results. Take heed of these innovative efforts, go back to the drawing board, and you'll have an award-winning campaign on your hands in no time.

Dan Hughes
Dan Hughes

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