Mar 14, 2017

Announcing a Learning Content Solution for the Digital Marketer Apprenticeship

by Digital Marketing Institute

We have been following the development and launch of the new 'Digital Marketer' apprenticeship standard and it is great to see the UK apprenticeship system supporting a career path with fantastic opportunities for individuals, while also providing employers with practitioners armed with critical skills to help drive competitiveness and growth. Well done!

Recently we have been approached by a number of training providers who, "would like to offer our apprentices the Digital Marketing Institute industry certification and how does it fit with the new ‘Digital Marketer’ apprenticeship standard?”

This prompted us to see how we could best support the apprenticeship and provide a best-in-class, fit-for-purpose solution for training providers, apprentices and employers.

“Running an apprenticeship scheme helps create a dedicated, loyal workforce. The energy we see from apprentices who come into the job, eager to learn and climb the ladder is infectious.” – Elaine Arden, Chief HR Officer, Royal Bank of Scotland

Some Background

Since 2009, the Digital Marketing Institute has developed and maintained the most widely taught set of professional, industry-aligned certification standards in digital marketing for learners, training providers and industry.

We have certified over 18,000 individuals to the one standard in over 100 countries. We have partners - training providers, colleges, universities and businesses - who offer our professional certification programs in over 90 countries. This makes us truly global and recognized by professionals and industry as the dominant program.

Our Partner Footprint

“The Digital Marketing Institute has firmly established itself as the leading authority in digital marketing and our partnership with them will enable us to offer internationally recognised certification in digital marketing." Bernd Taselaar, CEO of EXIN

Some of our global partners:

Our Focus on Industry & Employability

Our Industry Advisory Council (IAC) is made up of representatives from companies such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Microsoft, IBM, Ogilvy and Vodafone who provide input into our syllabus, learning content, and testing to ensure our certified graduates have the required knowledge and skills to help them secure a job, progress in their current job, or move on to their next job.

Learners (apprentices) who complete our training, and pass our Pearson VUE test, are certified by the Digital Marketing Institute as a Certified Digital Marketing Professional.

So for us it’s all about outcomes and employability – and this fits perfectly into the spirit and the objectives of the apprenticeship system!

Working with employers is a big part of what we do and our experiences at the coal face help drive the development of our certification programmes.We have global partnerships with the likes of IBM who trust our training, testing and certification and have seen us upskill over 2,000 of their staff globally.

“The knowledge I gained at the Digital Marketing Institute has helped me execute marketing campaigns on a global scale.Digital marketing is a key part of every successful business, and is a career path I decided to pursue” Davin Kelly, Marketing Specialist, Twitter

Mapping to the ‘Digital Marketer’ Apprenticeship Standard

Our product team conducted a mapping exercise comparing the learning outcomes of our certification programme, our massive library of learning content, and our testing criteria to the relevant Knowledge Modules (No. 2 and 3) of the 'Digital Marketer' apprenticeship – and there is close to a 90% fit.

This means that we can offer training providers a very useful learning content solution that hits the apprenticeship knowledge standards and their minimum requirements… as well as giving the apprentice the opportunity to gain our industry-leading professional certification which will stand them in good stead.

We missed the opportunity to put ourselves forward to the Tech Partnership to qualify for an exemption within the standard, however, we hope to revisit this at the next review point later this year – as we know this helps minimise in-programme assessment requirements – but we believe we add significant value to the apprentice and the training provider to outweigh this.

“The Digital Marketing Institute’s Professional Certification is a very rewarding experience and a qualification gained for life.I congratulate the Digital Marketing Institute for building a world class digital marketing qualification”.Rahul Kumar, CEO, New Horizons Group Australia

Our Learning Content

Our programmes are designed primarily for existing workers – so this suits the apprenticeship model as we know the apprentice has to allocate time to their on-the-job learning – and therefore our online learning content library gives them (and their training provider and employer) huge flexibility.

We have over 30 hours of HD video linked to the professional certification, along with slide decks for trainers for any trainer-led activities, practical exercises, case studies, end of module quizzes etc.

This provides an easy, flexible online, and a trainer-led, content solution that is efficient and cost effective – while providing the apprentice with the right knowledge and skills to become qualified as a digital marketing professional and be successful in their job. It’s all there in one package, ready to deploy.

Click here to take a look at some samples of our lecturer-to-camera videos.

What have our Certified Graduates Achieved?

Our Alumni Survey in 2016 across the UK and Ireland provided these results:

  • 94% of DMI graduates are employed*
  • 73% are employed in Digital Marketing roles
  • 88% were well prepared by the DMI for their current roles
  • 80% have been promoted
  • 53% have had their salary increased – 16% more than once
  • 91% satisfied with the training they received from DMI
  • 95% have added their DMI Certification to their CV/LinkedIn
  • 92% “My DMI certification has had a positive impact on my career”
  • 84% would encourage friends, family or colleagues to study a DMI course
  • 56% are earning more than £35,000 (Average salary = £47,700)
  • * Excluding those not looking for work.

    “Through our new partnership with the Digital Marketing Institute, Logical Operations will be well positioned not only to provide a more comprehensive digital marketing training experience to our end customers through our training channel, but to ensure our end customer leaves class with a certification from a well-respected force in the industry."Bill Rosenthal, CEO of Logical Operations

    Next Steps

    If you are a training provider planning to deliver the new 'Digital Marketer' apprenticeship, we would welcome the opportunity to talk through how we can add value to your program through a best-in-class learning content and industry certification solution that is cost-effective.

    You can contact me directly via LinkedIn or visit our website to see what’s on offer.

    Michael Goeden is the Director of Strategic Partnerships at the Digital Marketing Institute. His focus is on expanding the Digital Marketing Institute's education partner network internationally, with a specific interest in partnering with multi-site and multi-national education, training and e-learning organizations.

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