May 16, 2022

How to Become an Affiliate Marketer

Written by Dan Hughes

As a marketing discipline, affiliate marketing is a powerful source of passive income for brands and businesses across sectors. It’s also a rewarding and potentially lucrative modern profession.

According to a mix of specialist organizations, affiliate marketers are in huge demand right now—with many leading brands confirming that 25% of their sales come from affiliate-based tactics, content, and networks.

If you’re wondering how to become an affiliate marketer and embark on an exciting new career path, you’re in the right place—because we’re going to tell you right now.

What is affiliate marketing and what does it involve?

Affiliate marketing is a process where brands or advertisers commission affiliate partners (often referred to as ‘commission partners’) to promote their products or services to specific segments of their audience and generate profit.

A branch of performance as well as content marketing, affiliate programs or campaigns are based on capturing a consumer’s attention at the right stage of their journey by generating compelling content across channels and inspiring them to click a link with the aim of generating sales.

If a consumer converts as a result of a piece of affiliate content, the brand pays a commission to the affiliate.

For a detailed rundown of the concept, explore our definitive guide: affiliate marketing explained.

As an affiliate marketer, you will be responsible for managing professional relationships and developing a variety of content-centric campaigns to engage specific target audiences at the times they’re most likely to convert.

Here are some of the key duties and responsibilities you will take on as an affiliate marketer:

  • Sourcing the right affiliate networks and partners
  • Managing and nurturing affiliate partner relationships
  • Collaborating with various internal departments and marketers to develop campaign initiatives
  • Developing, curating, and creating compelling affiliate marketing content across channels, mediums, and touchpoints
  • Managing campaigns, measuring results, and continually evolving your business’s affiliate marketing strategy

While salaries or incomes differ depending on a range of factors including following, niche, and current industry trends, leading influencers make an incredibly healthy living from their craft—especially when they build their brand the right way. Which brings us onto our next subject.

How to become an affiliate marketer: essential tips

You know what an affiliate marketer does and how much you can potentially make from this exciting branch of digital marketing. Now, let’s look at how to become an affiliate marketer

Know your industry

First of all, to become an affiliate marketer, you should know your industry inside-out—and that means keeping your finger on the pulse.

To gain a well-rounded understanding of the craft and stay up to date with the latest industry news or updates, you should do the following things:

  • Read affiliate marketing and digital marketing publications
  • Sign up for webinars and digital conferences that cover affiliate marketing subjects
  • Follow affiliate marketing specialists on social media platforms including LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and reach out to other professionals for tips and advice
  • Be consistent and keep nurturing your skills and content over time

Discover your niche area

Affiliate marketing is a profession filled with variety. That said, having the knowledge and expertise to work with a variety of partners, services, and products is essential—but, if you can also have a niche area (one in which you can display an even greater level of skill, knowledge, expertise or partnerships), you stand to open up more opportunities, expanding your income in the process.

When you’re deciding on a niche to explore, you should ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I have in-depth knowledge, or believe in the products or services I'm looking to promote? Remember, you need to sell these products or services to real consumers and encourage conversions—so, this is vital.
  • Is there a market demand for affiliate marketers in my potential niche? Areas like emerging technologies and travel, for instance, might offer more scope and career sustainability than currently trending fashion accessories or gadgets.

Gain the right skills

When considering how to become an affiliate marketer, it’s important to set about gaining the appropriate digital marketing skills to attract potential clients or employers.

As an affiliate marketer, not only will you need to get to grips with the essential aspects of setting up a successful affiliate marketing program—including up to date methods, tactics, and best practices—but, you will also need to get to grips with the following digital marketing competencies:


  • Paid advertising and pay-per-click (PPC)
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Data analytics and data-driven marketing

To tie all of these key elements together and gain the skills you need to gain an all-important competitive edge as a budding affiliate marketer, earning a professional qualification is the way forward.

“Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.” Andrew Davis

Start your affiliate marketing journey today

Earning a professional digital marketing qualification will not only make you more attractive to potential employers and validate your expertise, but it will also help you increase your earning potential.

Our professional diploma in digital marketing delves deep into all of the essential skills, expertise, and concepts you will need to thrive in affiliate marketing.

Enroll today and kickstart your career with the DMI professional diploma in digital marketing.

Dan Hughes
Dan Hughes

Dan is a content writer specializing in digital marketing, emerging tech, music and looking after a toddler. You can find out more about him and his work by visiting his Catchy Space.

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