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Learn how to set up a display campaign in this powerful interactive Digital Display course. You’ll discover the principles of graphic design, campaign strategy and budget management, and how to test and measure different creative to make the most of your display strategy.

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Digital Display Course Overview

With a focus on career-ready learning, and delivered through a blend of essential reading, case studies and useful toolkits, this course will quickly make you familiar with digital display and advertising campaigns.

4 Interactive Modules.

Associate Level Certification.

9.5 Hours self-paced learning content.

FREE DMI Membership included.

Practical Toolkits and Templates.

Key skills and competencies you will gain

Project ManagementAdvertising CampaignsGraphic DesignScript WritingMeasuring DataBudget Management

This short course is a DMI Track, just one of our collection of skills based training courses which teach you to execute core digital marketing competencies quickly.

What you'll learn

4 Modules • Approx 9.5 hours Learning content


Module 1 - Planning and Managing Display Advertising

1h 50mins

Understand practical tools, tactics, and best practices to plan an effective outbound campaign to generate interest and capture search intent as well as the core concepts of project management, and how project management processes can be used to achieve project success

Knowledge Gain:

Planning a Demand Generation CampaignVideo Advertising

Toolkits included:

Buyer Persona Template

Digital Marketing Campaign Brief

Digital Media Plan Template

Guide to Content Ideation

One-year Gantt Calendar Template

Content and Channel Matrix Template


Module 2 - Demand Generation & Video Advertising

2h 20mins

Understand key demand generation channels including the Google Display Network, social display advertising, and advertising on the Meta network. The module then demonstrates how to use YouTube ads and other social video platforms – like TikTok and Twitch – in your campaigns

Knowledge Gain:

Outbound Channels and Ad Formats for Demand GenerationVideo Advertising

Case Study/Webinar

Aviation American Gin: Using humor to lift spirits


Module 3 - Setting up and Targeting a Display Advertising Campaign

2h 29mins

Understand how to set up a demand generation campaign using Responsive Display Ads and drill down into the tactics, tools, and techniques for effective targeting, bidding, and remarketing to reach audiences in demand generation campaigns.

Knowledge Gain:

Display and Video Advertising for Demand GenerationDemand Generation Targeting and Bidding

Toolkits included:

Google Ads Creator Template

Case Study/Webinar

A Juicy Future for Lemondade Insurance


Module 4 - Measuring Display Advertising and Presenting Results

2h 26mins

Develop your knowledge by learning metrics, reports, and best practices to optimize demand generation campaigns, how you can use video analytics to measure the performance of your social video campaigns, good data visualization and the difference between reporting dashboards and data visualization tools. Alongside the presenter-led lessons, you’ll find a range of other assets – including articles, videos, and toolkits. These are designed to expand your learning, spark new ideas, and provide illuminating insights.

Knowledge Gain:

Measuring and Optimizing Demand Generation CampaignsVideo Advertising and AnalyticsData VisualizationImproving Your Presentation Skills

Toolkits included:

Paid Media Performance Dashboard (With PMI)

Channel Performance Tracker

Targets and KPIs - Your Essential Toolkit

Master your Presentations

The Best Social Media Metrics to Focus on


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Frequently Asked Questions

How is this short course assessed?

It’s trouble free. The assessment is undertaken online, with a 40 question multiple choice exam. You can take this in the comfort of your own home.

Successful completion leads to an Associate level certification.

Who is this course aimed at?

Small business owners, marketing professionals, product managers, entrepreneurs or anybody looking to skill up quickly in digital display.

The bite-sized structure of the course is specifically designed to fit around your lifestyle and other commitments.

Do I need to have a marketing background?

No. We will walk you through the fundamentals Digital Display. You don’t need any specific marketing background to undertake and succeed with this course.

How long does it take to complete?

You’ll have 12 weeks to complete and depending on the DMI Track course, approximately 7-13 hours of content. You then take a 40 question multiple choice exam online. This leads to an Associate level certification.

What if I want to learn more?

If you wish to keep studying with DMI, we have a full range of additional short courses, Professional Certificates, Professional Diplomas and Post Graduate courses. Click here for more info.

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of DMI graduates think DMI certification is valuable

200+ 5 Star Customer Reviews

got a new role in digital marketing or changed their career path

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