Sep 17, 2014

Search Engine Journal’s Social Media Strategy: Tips You Can Steal

by Digital Marketing Institute

When one of the biggest digital marketing websites in the world shares their very own social media strategy you know you better listen up. Yes, that’s exactly what the Search Engine Journal have done – unveiling the clever tactics that have brought them success across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and Snapchat.

With over 74,000 Twitter followers and 123,000+ Facebook fans these guys “get social media”. We’ve selected our favourite Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn takeaways that we believe any business, no matter how big or small, can begin implementing today. Enjoy delving into some of their best kept secrets (until now).

1. Encourage and Foster Engagement – It Pays

50% of LinkedIn members are more likely to buy from companies after they engage with them on LinkedIn. One of the key takeaways from the Search Engine Journal strategy was the importance of active engagement. They engage their audience by sharing thought-leadership, timely and relevant content and actively conversing with and responding to their social media fans’ comments and queries.

Here’s the Search Engine Journal’s Engagement Advice:

  • Each post should aim for the AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action) factor.
  • Share tips, inspirational quotes and photos with intriguing captions on Facebook.
  • Alternate post lengths on Facebook to avoid monotony.
  • Respond to member comments across all platforms and share their relevant content.
  • Create four strategic Facebook campaigns with the goal of encouraging engagement and increasing excitement.
  • Post three to four times daily on LinkedIn and mix it up with their own posts and content from other experts.
  • Foster a loyal Facebook community by participating with other communities and communicating with relevant individuals.
  • Propose questions about relevant topics to get people thinking and talking.
  • Use images to stand out and increase visibility and engagement across all channels.
  • Post at least four times on LinkedIn to make sure their posts are getting seen.

2. It’s Not All About You – Talk About and Thank Others

You’re lovely, you really are. But people do not want to hear about you your business in every post. The Search Engine Journal’s strategy highlights the importance of thanking and rewarding others. It gives you an opportunity to share fresh content that you don’t have the time to create. Another benefit? It also lets people know that you’re not just interested in selling and pushing your own message. When in doubt, follow Twitter’s 80/20 rule.

Here’s what the kind folk at the Search Engine Journal do for others:

  • Retweet at least three posts a day.
  • Respond to at least ten users a day on Twitter.
  • Promote their writers by sharing their posts with the SEJ handle.
  • Thank people for sharing with a ‘Like’, ‘Favourite’ or comment where appropriate.
  • Share SEO news from other authentic sources.
  • ‘Like’ and share other’s content from their newly-updated company LinkedIn page
  • (thanking image)
  • Support their contributors and partners by sharing their content.
  • Actively converse with other brands and ‘Like’ and comment on their posts to show support.

3. Eavesdrop – To Help You Stay Ahead

With the increase of social media trolling, it’s never been more important to listen to what people are saying about your brand online. The social media team at the Search Engine Journal have built a monitoring and listening strategy into their overall social media plan. They also highlight the importance of keeping an eye on competitor tactics and flagging and deleting offensive comments.

Here’s how the Search Engine Journal listens effectively:

  • Eavesdrop on Twitter conversations around relevant topics that their audience may be talking about.
  • Identify influencers who follow them using a tool called Followerwonk.
  • Search for relevant keywords on Twitter that people might use to talk about their company.
  • Delete offensive comments, promotional posts and spam on Facebook.
  • Avoid getting into argumentative conversations that could damage their brand.
  • Monitor competitor activity and see what their fans are talking about.

4. Have a Measurable Goal – It Must be a Number

Lastly (but most importantly) don’t forget the importance of attaching a measurable KPI to each objective. The Search Engine Journal listed a number of key metrics they set out to achieve in Q2 to increase their follower count and engagement levels from the previous quarter.

The Search Engine Journal’s goals:

  • Main Q2 Twitter goal was to increase their followers by 5% every month. They hoped that this would increase website traffic where they make money through advertising and sponsorship.
  • Core Q2 Facebook goal was to increase their Facebook following by at least 10% every month.

The Search Engine have similar goals to many other businesses across the globe, both big and small. The only difference is that are masters at what they do. The most important message? It takes dedication, planning, engagement, monitoring and measurement to create a successful social media campaign.

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