Apr 9, 2013

What Does the Tech Startup Landscape in Ireland Look Like?

by Digital Marketing Institute

Dublin, Ireland is fast becoming the tech startup centre of Europe. Why is this happening? This startup culture began way back in the mid-eighties when the likes of Microsoft and Intel came to town.

IDA Ireland (Industrial Development Authority), the Irish government agency responsible for attracting inward investment to Ireland, has done a sterling job in attracting some of the very best global organisations to the country.

30 years on and Ireland has managed to attract the likes of Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Dropbox and many more. So, viewed from a global perspective, Ireland is the place to invest if you want to get a foothold in Europe, especially if you are in the digital space.

Along the way, a few startups spun out from these larger companies (In fact, I am a type of this – I used to work for Microsoft and have since started 3 different businesses!). Nowadays, we are in the eye of the startup storm, with hundreds of entrepreneurs putting their head above the parapet every week. All these folks are looking for support, office space and money to develop their business, from idea to production.

The Irish Tech Startup Guide from Frontline Ventures

Literally, thousands of supporting companies – the startup eco-system – also come to the fore to sustain and foster this growth.

One such supporting type of business is the Venture Capital sector, who can financially support the growth of the fledgling startups.

The latest VC to come to the market is Frontline Ventures. The company is run by three highly experienced VC professionals, Shay Garvey (ex of Delta Partners) and Will Prendergast (ex of NCB Venture Capital).

In a great piece of marketing, the lads in Frontline Ventures, have created and published a snapshot of the Startup Community in Ireland, along with a list of places to get funding, space and assistance.

If you have anything to do with tech or startup or digital, then the stats in the slides above are a must read – short and concise but filled with nuggets.

Great marketing and great information. Well done.

The only thing that I would suggest that they are missing from the study is where to these startups get trained in how to market their business.

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