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The ultimate all-in-one marketing glossary

A/B testing Abandonment-Rate Above The Fold Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) account acquisition action plan Actions active client Active media activity rate by channel ad Ad Auction Ad blockers ad click Ad Exchange ad extension (Google Ads) Ad Extensions Ad formats Ad Groups ad impression ad impression arrival ad network Ad Platform Ad Rank Ad saturation Ad Scheduling ad space ad unique user ad unit Adaptive Web Design Adobe Analytics AdRoll Ads Manager advertiser Advertising tag line Advocates affiliate marketing affiliate publisher Affinity audience Affinity content Aggregated curation aggregated posting Ahrefs (tool) Algorithms Alphabet alt text analytics analytics tool anchor text Annotations API (Application Programming Interface) app app monetization App Store Optimization (ASO): attribution Auction buy audience attitude audience behavior Audience engagement Audience Insights audience levels of understanding Audience listening Audience reach audience research Audience segments Audience targeting Audiences Automatic bid Automation average deal size by lead source average order value (AOV) average position average visit duration Awareness B2B content B2C content Backlink banner ad Barriers to entry Behavioral analytics Behavioral data behind the scenes (BTS) benchmarking BERT best case bid Bid auction Bid Modifiers Bing Bing Webmaster Tools black hat SEO Blocking blog blogging Board Body content boolean search bottom of funnel (BOFU) bottom of the funnel customers bounce rate (BR) Brand Brand advocates brand affinity brand ambassador Brand awareness Brand channels Brand content Brand engagement Brand identity Brand personality Brand Positioning Brand purpose Brand sentiment Brand story Brand storytelling Brand values Brand visibility Breadcrumb Broad Match Broadcast Budget Budget, Authority, Need and Timeframe (BANT) criteria Bumper ad Business goals Business Listing Business objectives business-to-business (B2B) business-to-consumer (B2C) business value proposition (BVP) buyer persona buyer's journey Buying cycle buying signal calendar sharing Call Ads call to action (CTA) Call Tracking Number (CTN): campaign campaign and ad groups CAN-SPAM Act Canonical canvas application Carousel carousel ad cart abandonment email cascading style sheets (CSS) Case studies CASL catalog (facebook) CCPA channel Chatbot Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Chief Information Officer (CIO) Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Chief Operating Officer (COO) Chief Security Officer (CSO) Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Chronological curation churn rate click Click Share click-to-call clickthrough rate (CTR) client lifecycle Cloaking close plan commit Communication style community density Community management community of interest Company page Company Page Analytics Competitive insights competitive landscape competitive research Competitor analysis Competitor monitoring completed download connection Consideration Consumer Barometer Consumer insights Container Tag Content Content audit content calendar Content creation content curation Content discovery content distribution Content exclusions content management Content Management System (CMS) content marketing content optimization system (COS) Content personalization Content repurposing content seeding content strategy Content targeting conversion Conversion metrics Conversion objective conversion rate conversion rate optimization (CRO) conversion tracking cookie Cookie and privacy policy Cookie tracking COPE Core Web Vitals cost per acquisition (CPA) cost per action (CPA) cost per click (CPC) cost per conversion (CPC) cost per download (CPD) cost per engagement (CPE) cost per lead (CPL) cost per mille (CPM) cost per view (CPV) Crawler Crawling Creative brief Creative strategy Creator Marketplace Criteo CRM dashboard cross-linking Cross-posting crossing the chasm cultural trend research customer acquisition cost (CAC) customer detail Customer engagements Customer experience Customer Journey customer lifetime value (CLV or CLTV) customer persona customer relationship management (CRM) Customer testimonials Dashboards Data dayparting Deadlines deal review Defined audience targeting Delivery rate demand waterfall Demographics Description Desk research Devices Digital Advertising Digital Advertising Audit Digital audit digital brand management digital channels digital crisis management digital cross-selling Digital data digital display advertising digital engagement Digital formats Digital insights Digital marketing digital marketing plan Digital media Digital messaging digital research digital sales forecasting digital sales leadership digital sales messaging digital sales strategy digital selling Digital strategy digital territory analysis digital upselling Dimensions direct mail or message (DM) direct marketing Direct traffic Discovery Display Ads Display Network Display partner Disruptive app Distilled curation DMP (Data Management Platform) Domain Authority/Domain Rating Domain Name domain name system (DNS) Double opt-in Drive product recall DSP (Demand-Side Platform) Dual screening Duplicate Content dwell time Dynamic ads dynamic content E-A-T, Expertise, Authoritativeness, & Trustworthiness Earned media ecommerce revenue ecommerce transactions Email and automation marketing Email deliverability Email Filtering email marketing email service provider (ESP) Email subscriptions Emotional intelligence Emotional response employee advocacy empowered customers enablement engagement Engagement metrics engagement rate entry page Ephemeral content ESP Event Event posts event tracking evergreen content Exact Match executive profile executive sponsor exit page expanded text ad (ETA) Expertise, Authority, Trust (E-A-T) explicit lead scoring metric Facebook Facebook ads Facebook Business Manager Facebook carousel Facebook Creative Hub Facebook Creator Studio Facebook Event Facebook Live Facebook Messenger Facebook pages Facebook pixel Facebook profile Facebook Watch feature creep Featured Snippet file transfer protocol (FTP) filter First-Party Data first response time Flash impressions Follower Follower growth followers forecast forum 404-error Framework Frequency Friction points friends funnels Gantt chart GDPR Geo-tagging Geo-Targeting geofencing geographic analytics geographical IP analysis Goals Google Google Ads Google Ads Reach Planner Google Adsense Google Alerts Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Google Analytics (GA) Google Display Network Google Hummingbird Google Keyword Planner Google Merchant Center Google My Business Google Performance Planner Google Search Console Google Tag Assist Google Tag Manager (GTM) Googlebot Group boards Group experience GROW Handle Hard bounce hashtag Hashtag integration Headers Headings heat map Hero image Highlights Hits Homepage HostName Hreflang htaccess Https Hummingbird Hyperlink hypertext markup language 5 (HTML5) hypertext markup language (HTML) Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) implicit lead scoring metric impression Impression Share Impression To Conversion Rate (Imp Cvr) Impressions in-app ad In-market audiences inactive client inbound link inbound marketing Inbound strategy index indexed page Indexing Individual experience industry influencers industry trend research influenced customers influencers Infographics Information architecture (IA) Informational keyword Initiate (DMI) principle InMail insights tool Instagram Instagram feed Instagram live Instant Experience instant message Instream pre-rolls Integrate (DMI) principle integrated marketing communication (IMC) Interest Internal Link internet protocol address (IP address) interstitial ad inventory IP tracking Iterate (DMI) principle JavaScript key performance indicator (KPI) key phrase keyword keyword cannibalization keyword density keyword research keyword spam keyword stuffing knowledge graph Knowledge Panel landing page Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) Lead lead builder Lead generation Lead magnet lead nurturing lead nurturing funnel lead response time lead scoring Like link building Link clicks Link Juice link popularity Link posts LinkedIn connection LinkedIn group LinkedIn Sales Navigator listening Local Search Local SEO Local Service Ads location-based advertising Location targeting Long-tail keywords Lookalike Audience lost client LTV Or Lifetime Value machine learning mail merge Mailchimp Market gaps Market Research Market share Market trends Marketing-360 marketing automation marketing automation workflow marketing qualified lead (MQL) Mashup curation Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Match Type Maximum bids Measurable measurement media brief Media strategy Medium report Meme Mention Messaging Meta description tag metatag Methodology Metrics metrics management Mid position unit (MPU) middle of the funnel customer Milestones Mindmap mobile ad server Mobile banner Mobile First Indexing mobile-friendly Mobile-friendly website mobile marketing Mobilegeddon MOFU Monitoring tools Moz multi-threading multimedia message (MMS) Mute words narrowing statement native ads Native AdvertisIng Native scheduling natural search results Navigational keyword near-field communication (NFC) Negative keywords Negative match types netiquette network Percentage (%) new visits Newsfeed nofollow nurture stream nurturing prospects Objective Off-page optimization off-ramp Offer posts omni channel marketing on-boarding client On-page optimization One-to-many One-to-one Online display Online survey platforms onlyness open opportunity rate Open rate opportunities opportunity by lead source opportunity methodologies Optimization Score Organic Listing Organic search Organic traffic Organically organizational flow organizational maturity outbound marketing Outdoor outreach Overarching strategy Overlapping Owned media Owned research page application Page Authority/URL Rating Page Experience Signals Page heading page impression Page Speed Page title page views page views (PV) PageRank pages per visit Paid Ads Paid media paid search Pareto Principle Passive audience Path pay per click (PPC) Payment gateway peer-to-peer (P2P) percentage of new visits Periscope permission-based marketing personal brand Personal channels Personalization Personally identifiable information (PII) Phone-Through Rate (PTR) Photo posts Pin Pin it Pinterest browser button pipeline Pixel Placement targeting plan of action platform Point of contact PointDrive political mapping Porter's Five Forces Position Zero Positioning Posting calendar Predictive analysis predictive analytics Premium account Premium buy Premium network buy Primary channels Primary data Primary focus Print PRISM funnel Pristine Spam trap Processes Product development Programmatic advertising programmatic display Progressive Web Apps Project brief Project manager Promoted pins propensity model psychographics Qualified visitor quality metrics Quality Rater Guidelines quality score Quote tweet RankBrain Ranking Ranking Factors Reach real-time bidding Really Simple Syndication (RSS) Recall reciprocal link Recycled Spam trap Redirect referral Referral traffic Refinement remarketing remnant inventory reports Reposts repurpose Resource map Resource planning Responsive Web Design Responsive website Retention stage return on investment (ROI) return on marketing investment (ROMI) Retweet revenue by lead source RFM analysis rich media Rich Pin Rich Results Rich snippets ROAS or Return on Ad Spend robots.txt RTB (Real-Time Bidding) sales accepted lead (SAL) sales enablement sales funnel sales method sales qualified lead (SQL) scheduling Schema Markup Search Search and Explore search engine advertising (SEA) Search Engine Algorithm search engine index search engine marketing (SEM) search engine optimization (SEO) search engine results page (SERP) Search engines Search Intent search query Second Price Auction Secondary data segmentation SEMrush sentiment analysis SEO Audit Session Duration Sessions share of wallet (SOW) Shares Shopify shopping ads short message service (SMS) Short-tail keywords showcase ads (Google Ads) Similar Audiences Single opt-in site map site speed Site traffic situation analysis Skyscraper SlideShare Slideshow Slug slumped contacts Smart campaign SMART goals smartphone Snapchat social account management (SAM) social account management tools social account plan Social assets social bookmark Social channels social collaboration social content social CRM Social engagement social intelligence Social links social listening social media Social media community Social media conversations social media marketing social media marketing (SMM) Social Media Optimization (SMO) Social media tracking social monitoring social network social selling social selling index (SSI) Social sharing Socio-economic data Soft bounce Software as a Service (SaaS) Source Source report spam Spam complaint Sponsored content SSL Certificate Stakeholder Story storyboarding strategic statement strategic writing strategy Structured Data style guide Subscribe Subscribed audience sweet spot SWOT analysis tactics Tag Tangible assets Target bids target persona targeting TBT team link technical SEO territory Testing text link The Snorkel/Scuba Method Third-Party Data Third-party data analysis Thumbnail TikTok Time management Timeline Timelines TIMITI Title tag Title Tags TOFU Tone of voice Topic targeting Topical content Topics total order value (TOV) touchpoint tracking tracking pixel Traditional marketing Traffic Traffic spikes Trans-Time Mapping Transactional keyword Trend tribe trigger event TrueView for Shopping TrueView In-stream TrueView Video Discovery TrueView (YouTube) Trust signals tweet Twitter Twitter card Twitter Moments Twitter trend Typo Spam trap uniform resource locator (URL) unique selling point (USP) unique user unique user duration unique visitor (UV) unique visitors Universal Analytics Universal App Campaign Unsubscribe rate uplift modelling upselling URL URL Parameter UsabilIty Testing user experience (UX) user-generated content (UGC) User intent User interface (UI) User journey user satisfaction Username USP UTM Valuable actions vanity metrics Version Control Video aspect ratio video interstitial video on demand (VOD) Video posts Video thumbnail View-Through Conversion View-Through Conversion Window Viewable cost per thousand impressions (VCPM) Viral Viral content virality virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) visit Visual display banner Vlog Voice Search warm introduction Webinar Website optimization What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) white hat SEO White paper Whitelisting Wide Skyscraper WireFrame word of mouth (WOM) work in progress (WIP) XML product feed XML sitemap Yahoo YMYL Yoast YouTube YouTube cards YouTube channel YouTube Masthead zero moment of truth (ZMOT)