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Ryan Margolin

Masters in Digital Marketing

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Masters in Digital Marketing

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The help is there when you need it most but the management of the course is so well refined, that it ensures you obtain not only your best results, but also a solid understanding of process.

Tell us a bit about your experience before taking the Masters in Digital Marketing

My story before studying with the Digital Marketing Institute is like many others. I spent most of a working life in sales/marketing based jobs, working off a commission basis, not having any sort of progressive plan for my career. I began to struggle when the economy started to go downhill.

I then moved to the USA where I was working in a job where my lack of knowledge and understanding of how to create a solid digital strategy was stopping me from progressing not only further in my career, but also creating a large obstacle to hurdle in relation to my personal development and achieving my goals.

Why did you choose to do a Masters in Digital Marketing?

I chose to undertake the Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing course originally as it seemed to be the best fit for me as it covered various aspects of digital marketing and I felt it would give me the base I needed to progress.

By the time I had received my results, implementing what I had already learned during the previous 12 months, enabled me to help the company I worked for achieve 30% growth within 1 year.

As of last year, the growth was 45%. With these visible results, I decided it would be best to give myself the opportunity to really dig into the mechanics of the hair & beauty industry by undertaking the Masters in digital marketing provided by the Digital Marketing Institute. With this decision I knew it would give me a competitive edge that not many people have in the industry and undertaking the course with the Digital Marketing Institute would allow me to choose my own topic of study.

How did you find the course supports during your time in DMI?

I found the supports which the Digital Marketing Institute provided to be fantastic. At times it was very challenging, but you are far from spoon fed during the process. The help is there when you need it most but the management of the course is so well refined, that it ensures you obtain not only your best results, but also a solid understanding of process.

What where your favourite aspects of the course?

My favourite aspects of the course were the lectures and the analysis of findings. The insight that can be gained from this type of research is invaluable.

Since completing the course in how has your career progressed?

Since completing the Masters, my career has taken more of an entrepreneurial approach. While still working as the EU Director/Digital Marketing Manager for Pro Hair Labs (, I have started my own electronics repair and supply company called iPhixx. The company supplies parts for phones and tablets to complete DIY repairs as well as assists in repairs for anyone who does not want to complete the repairs themselves.

I have also started an online importing business, retailing goods on Amazon via their FBA services. The SEO training from the Digital Marketing Institute helped me gain a competitive edge on this platform by implementing the research techniques taught to us. Lastly, I have also begun consulting for businesses globally, helping them develop and marketing their own websites and businesses.

Is there any advice you would give to new master's students?

If there is one piece of advice I can give, it would be to enter the courses as a blank canvas. Take what you currently know and place it to the side until you have had a chance to absorb the curriculum.

Once you have completed it, implement your own experience and knowledge and I guarantee you will become a digital marketing powerhouse.